Abarth Virtual Racing League: also the famous Naska live in Race 7


Race 7 of the ‘ Abarth Virtual Racing League ‘ featured 3 Argentine drivers, who in the end proved to be the most skilled on the Spielberg circuit. However, it took the last corner of the last lap of Race 2 to decide the penultimate qualified for the final in October.

The race took place on 19 September, as always on Assetto Corsa and aboard the 500 Abarth Assetto Corse. Among the participants, there are also the well-known YouTuber and rider Alberto ‘ Naska ‘ Fontana, together with Daniele Nicolino, a disabled motorcyclist for the amputation of a leg who runs with the ‘ Diversamente Disabili ‘ group, an association that brings together those who for various problems can no longer do so. A sign of the ever-greater diffusion of the initiative and of the brotherhood that unites all motor enthusiasts.

Race 1 Abarth League

As always we start with qualifying, with 19 at the start. The Pole position was taken by Matias Corvino, behind him Juan Ronzo, then Matteo Costanzo. They seemed to be the fastest, within a tenth of a second, and they did. Costanzo, however, was disappointed in the race: after a spin and some collisions, he fell back, finishing eighth. Corvino and Ronzo instead confirmed themselves first and second, Diego Lopez will arrive third, the third Argentine. The race ended early for a red flag after 75% of the time elapsed (35 minutes plus one lap). All valid, as per regulation.

Race 2

Inverted starting grid and go. Corvino starts fired and after a series of overtakes arrives in the head, while Ronzo and Lopez have a harder time getting back up. E ‘tussle in the group, there is no shortage of doors. Costanzo emerges again, climbing up to the second position. He also manages to detach the two Argentines, but Corvino appears too far away, and the score of Race 1 would not favor him anyway. Then the unthinkable happens.

Corvino misses the pit stop and it takes forever to get out. When he does, he will find himself eleventh, Costanzo in the lead. Thus Costanzo would be qualified. It is very close to the end and Corvino tries a desperate comeback. The last lap after 35 minutes starts just after Costanzo crosses the finish line, so on balance Corvino has 2 laps to try to take eighth place, which would allow him to qualify. The situation is very tense, behind him Andrea Pipolo is following him, in front, there is Tommaso De Rossi.

To defend himself Corvino can only attack, so at the last corner, he tries to overtake De Rossi who closes: there is contact. De Rossi loses control of the Abarth and ends up against the wall, pinball machine, and damage to Corvino’s car. He tries to cross the finish line in spite of everything, with Pipolo coming behind. In the end for a handful of meters, the Argentine manages to take the eighth place and the qualification.

Alberto ‘Naska’ Fontana was also interviewed at the end of the race, difficult for him in the short time to test the track and the car, a steering wheel disconnected, and a fractured foot. “ It was wonderful – Andrea Valerio and Antonio Lurchis told commentators – it was a return to origins for me. The first races I did in my real life were with 500 Abarths. It was nice to come back and see that they are very plausible, I found myself a lot. The way you drive it, you put it in the corners, it was really very similar to reality, I liked it! “.

He and the other riders will be able to attempt qualification now at the next round, the last, scheduled for Saturday 26 September. Qualifications, as usual, in progress, until midnight on Friday.