Fortnite: new content with the update v14.20


With today, September 23, the new Fortnite update is coming: the v14.20 update. Unlike the other weekly updates, this one seems to bring a lot of content and teasers of things to come. Let’s see all the most important additions.

First, a new boss has arrived on the island of FortniteWolverine. The very famous component of the X-Men is found in Frignante Forest and when defeated he releases his signature weapon, namely the claws of adamantium. Speaking of new heroes, it seems that soon will come to the vampire MarvelBlade. This appears to be spoiled by an “encrypted message” from Epic that appears to be spelling Blade‘s nickname, Daywalker.

Another important addition to the Marvel theme is the new ( MAT ) model entirely focused on the superheroes of the Disney house. The mode is called ” Marvel Conquest ” in which teams will compete for dominance on the island and control over outposts, with weapons and the help of Marvel powers, one at the start of the game and the others earned through “comets” fallen in-game.

Another detail, already revealed with leaks in these days, is for the birthday of the game. Epic Games during the weekend will make accessible some missions able to give some content for Fortnite (such as weapon skins and cake-shaped backpack). The last important detail is the new musical content arriving these days. In fact, on September 25th there will be the presentation, at 8 pm ET, of the new single from BTS, South Korean boy band, Dynamite. The rerun of the show will air on September 26 at 2 pm CEST.