Patch 10.20 of LOL: here are the numbers of the buffs / nerfs coming soon


Patch lol – The usual Mark Scruffy Yetter, Lead Gameplay Designer of League of Legends, has recently revealed the updated data and statistics related to the next major update coming.

Today we return to the subject by finally going to see also what are the interventions ” under the hood ” chosen by the devs, which we should see implemented no later than next week.

First, Mark Yetter announced that Karthus will receive nerfs on armor and regen his basic life points for Maokal and Kassadin the balance will concern their Q (the damage for the first, the shield for the second) while Katarina will lose part of the efficiency of her P and LuLu of her W (with a nerf at attack speed).

Moving on to the upgrades, we note the increase in damage to the Q of BraumRyze, and Jungle Sion, to the E of Varus, and finally also to the R of Aatrox, with the healing amp going from 50-70 to 50-100%.
Here are all the details:

Scruffy’s post

What do you think of these changes? Did you expect more substantial (or less heavy) interventions for one or more of the samples being analyzed?