R6 SHARE: here are the 42 teams that will have new items in game


The first wave of new accessories and cosmetics-related to the brand new R6 SHARE ProgramUbisoft’s initiative aimed at supporting the main organizations in the title’s export scene, is finally available on the in-game store.

After the success of the past editions of the project, aimed at financing both the teams and the major Rainbow Six tournaments, a new and interesting system arrives to entice all teams to do their best in the competitive landscape of R6.

The new R6 SHARE will allow teams to obtain different “awards” in-game (camouflage, headgear, uniforms, trinkets) based on their performance: the more loved and successful a team is, the more Team-branded items that players can buy.

R6 SHARE – 42 teams and 3 “tiers” for many camouflage patterns and charms

As announced by Ubisoft itself, R6SHARE is the ” milestone in our vision of a sustainable environment for Rainbow Six […] R6 SHARE will support 42 export organizations around the world and will introduce a dynamic system with three levels that can change over time as it adapts to the results and needs of the various organizations “.

To do this, just think that for each esports themed object sold within R6, the represented team will receive 30% of the profits, with a third of the sum that will necessarily have to go to the team’s players and their content creators; another 30% of the profits from each item sold, on the other hand, will go to increase the prize pool of the Six Invitational, the most famous and prestigious export event of Rainbow Six Siege.

The 42 teams that are part of the program, as we said, are divided into three levels or tiers according to different variables that may change over time: every 3 months the teams will be compared with others of their level following a series of criteria related to the performance of the team in the R6 landscape: quantity of sales of objects, audience rating of their games, the quality of their communication and their contribution to the R6 community, are all factors that will contribute, once a year , to shuffle the various levels (starting from August 2021), with the organizations that will be promoted or demoted according to their scores during the quarterly comparisons.

Finally, here are the 42 teams and how they are divided within the R6 SHARE Program :

  • Tier 1, they will receive a complete bundle each (headgear, uniform, camouflage, pendant): FaZe Clan (Goyo), Fnatic (Iana), G2 Esports (Jager), Natus Vincere (Mozzie), Ninjas in Pajamas (Thermite), Spacestation Gaming (Ela), Team Liquid (Sledge), TSM (Zofia), Vitality (Valkirye), Rogue (Tachanka).
  • Tier 2, they will receive a pendant and a weapon camouflage:  Disrupt Gaming, Tempo Storm, Cloud9, Team Empire, DarkZero, Black Dragons, MIBR, eUnited, Pittsburgh Knights, Team Secret, Chaos EC, Virtus. Pro, INTZ, BDS Esport, Giants Gaming
  • Tier 3, will receive a weapon camouflage: Sonics, Team oNe, Elevate, GUTS Gaming, FAV Gaming, Talon Esports, SCARZ, FURIA, Cyclops Athlete Gaming, Nora-Rengo, Qconfirm, Xavier esports, Santos, W7M, Oxygen Esports, Tempra Esports, Electrify Esports

While the items related to Tier 1 are already available for purchase, they still expect officialdom as regards the availability of accessories included in Tier 2 and Tier 3.