Things To Consider When Selecting A Clan Name


When you become part of a social group you need to adapt their ideals, and make contributions in working towards a common goal. Gaming groups or known as clans are no different. These are also social groups structured differently in terms of the medium which the members communicate and the setting where interactions are happening. The goals, function and structure however, are similar to that of any social group you can find in a non-virtual setting.

These groups are referred to as clans in the gaming world. They may be formed out of a game but the bond between members and group ideals are taken seriously. Selecting a name for clans is a tedious task that requires careful consideration of a lot of factors. A clan name should be able to represent the group and each of its individual members so coming up with a name will not be a walk in the park. Below are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a clan name.

The Gaming environment

If you are forming a clan based on a Lord of the Rings game it would be inappropriate and would make no sense to have a clan name that sounds like from Star Trek. The first thing gamers will have to look at will be the nature of the game and make sure that the clan name will also identify with something as a part of it.

Group preference

The easiest way of losing existing clan members is selecting a clan name that majority of the members hate. Players would love to be associated to a clan name they can be proud of and that they are happy to identify themselves with. One way to ensure that you involve the group in the selection of a clan name is to get suggestions from the group members themselves. You can also get feedback from group members about their preferences and the kind of clan name they imagined the group would have and factor that in in the decision making process.


The last thing you need is naming your group with a name that has been used by 5 other groups from a different game. Clan name generator for games can help you come up with a clan name but a best practice is to use them to get a list of potential clan names and involve more group members in the selection process from that list.