Abarth Virtual RL: the last qualifying race starts this evening


Last 3 places for the final of the ‘ Abarth Virtual Racing League ‘: we race in Barcelona!

It is time for Race 8, the last available for the drivers to qualify for the grand final in October, where the best 24 of these months will compete to decide the winner of the ‘ Abarth Virtual Racing League ‘, the championship with which car manufacturer of the scorpion has decided to debut in esports.

It runs in Barcelona in the GP layout, the one with a shorter straight and stronger braking, together with a series of variants, characteristics that increase the chances of overtaking and the spectacle. “ The track – explain commentators Andrea Valerio and Antonio Lurchis – is technical and very difficult. It is more effective to try to make good lines and travel less than looking for speed. It is essential to calculate well the shift times between third and fourth gear: the ratios cannot be changed and are the most used, it will be crucial to do well between turn 2 and turn 3 in order not to lose speed ”.

Then the last 3 rivals await the others already qualified:

  • E. Lopez
  • M. Crippa
  • N. Natali
  • M. Noris
  • M. De Plato
  • PA Previdi
  • A. Benedetti
  • M. Murè
  • R. Accurso
  • C. Cecalupo
  • K. Mattea
  • A. Siddi
  • M. Liguori
  • A. Famulari
  • A. Texts
  • L. Springs
  • D. Gentili
  • F. Cesaro
  • M. Corvino
  • J. Ronzo
  • D. Lopez

The race will be broadcast starting at 9 pm (the countdown at 8.30 pm) on Saturday 26 September on the Twitch channel and on the Abarth Facebook page