Battlegrounds Dragons: Which Should You Choose?


Dragons BG – The HS Replay staff has recently published the results of interesting new research concerning the best heroes to use on Battlegrounds.

In particular, through a new post, they showed which are the heroes of the Dragon-type who enjoy the best performances in the ranked matches of the Battle. In this article, we will therefore focus only on dragons and not on the rest of the heroes.

Returning to the main topic of the article, we note that one of the strongest Dragon heroes, despite being the least played one of the Top5, is Malygos , with an average placement that stands at 4.83 but a pick rate that does not go beyond 10.9% … Surely a hero who does not even enjoy the trust of the players as well as an extremely weak avg placement.

In fourth place, Alexstrasza who despite enjoying an average placement better than about 0.10 points is still played by 33% of the players, while at the lowest step of the podium Reno Jackson who is undoubtedly also the most played of the Battle with 66% of Pick Rate .

In the first two places Nozdormu and Alamorte who are instead played by 47 and 24%, and enjoy an average placement ranging from 4.33 points to 4.44 (both therefore stationed in Tier 2 of the Heroes List ).

Here is the ranking of HS Replay – Dragons Battlegrounds:

The data was collected on approximately 840,000 games played at rank 7700 or higher (which represents the top 20% of the classifieds) from 19th to 25th September.