Fortnite: a new Marvel hero has arrived


Fortnite hero – As announced by some leaks, it is official the addition, in the group of Marvel heroes available on Fortnite, of a very interesting new component: we are talking about the Vampire Slayer Bladethe “Daytime”. Thus increases the pool of Marvel heroes serving the island of Fortnite.

But first, let’s briefly review the character’s biography. Eric Brooks, the real name of Blade, is half vampire and half human and his mission is to be a vampire hunter until he hopes to reunite with his mother, who has become the queen of the latter in the meantime.

The hero is available from today in the Fortnite store at a cost of 2000 vbuck with the addition of a decorative back and a very personal collection tool. But if that’s not enough, in the shop, there is also a hang glider ( 800 vbuck ) and an emote ( 300 vbuck ).

Fortnite’s tweet about the hero Blade

The official Blade emote