Hearthstone, what news is coming to the inn?


With a new post published on Twitter, the Hearthstone developers have fueled the community’s curiosity about some of the news that we may soon see in action at the Inn.

On this occasion, we find ourselves in front of a video of just 12 seconds, during which we see a Hearthstone player grabbing the legendary card in his handQueen Alexstrasza (which comes to life and exits the card itself, fluttering left and right across the screen).

At the end of the video, you can then read the phrase ” Master the Unexpected “, which indicates that something absolutely “unexpected” is about to arrive inside the Hearthstone Inn.

Unfortunately, there is still not much clarity about this teaser (which however went online on all Blizzard social channels ), and according to some it could also indicate some upcoming offer for players but we must not forget that, as promised by the same developers, before the third set of the year a brand new model should land in the Inn.

So what is the result of yesterday’s post teaser? A very quick first taste of what will be the new mode (at this point themed dragons … who knows) coming in the coming weeks?

We just have to wait for new and more detailed updates on the issue, with the hope of seeing something original on HS already starting next week, when the patch for the reset of the rating in Battaglia and the new event for the new event will be introduced. Arena Hallow’s End.