Modern Warfare: found an exploit in Search and Destroy


Modern Warfare – Call of Duty player Aeori recently warned the COD community about a new exploit that is making the gameplay experience in a specific Modern Warfare mode very complicated and frustrating.

In fact, it seems that in Search and Destroy it is possible to exploit all the potential of throwing knives through a glitch concerning the bomb and the Trophy System… let’s see how.

The exploit seems to be activated by placing the bomb exactly above our Trophy System … once this is done we will have to position ourselves on the bomb and start throwing knives in the direction of the Trophy System (as you can see in the video below) and then destroy the Trophy itself, so as to leave the bomb floating in the air. However, the knives thrown will not hit anything, and will thus remain floating between the bomb and the space where the Trophy System was previously.

As soon as an opponent approaches the bomb he will be “targeted” by one of the knives which will thus go to oneshottare the poor unfortunate player.

The explanation of the Modern Warfare exploit

At this point we know of the potential risks that can be run by getting too close to a bomb floating in the air, and such situations must absolutely be avoided at least until Activision has published a hotfix for the problem.