Shadowlands, problems for Multi-Spec players with the Coven?


Shadowlands Covenants – Within the World of Warcraft community the discussion continues around the Covenants and the enhancements they guarantee for the characters.

Because of how the mechanics of the Covenants have been structured, in fact, these almost naturally go to disadvantage players who prefer to play multi-spec or more hybrid characters than those more focused on a single single spec and on a more stable and less varied game.

Reporting the opinions of professional players who have already been able to try the Covenants and the abilities they guarantee to the characters of Shadowlands , it seems that the whole mechanic will favor (especially among the various end-game players) the creation of more characters of the same class but with different specs (and therefore also with different Covenants) … a situation that should therefore lead to the extinction of hybrid and multi-spec oriented characters if Blizzard does not intervene with some kind of fix in Beta.

Here is the point of the famous Publik on the situation:

Shadowlands Congreghe – The video

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From the official forum:

After alpha and beta testing Shadowlands I wanted to bring up a problem that still hasn’t gotten much headway and aim to talk about big pain points I have with the Covenant system. It’s no surprise that people are unhappy about the player power tied to Covenants themselves, and I think wanting to multi-spec or multi-role actually highlights this problem to whole new degree.

Soulbinds force you to share power across roles and specs

Right now after picking a Covenant you have access to three Soulbinds (after weeks of unlocking renown). In a world where you have all three Soulbinds, the argument pitched to us is that you can use one Soulbind for Raiding, maybe one for Mythic+, and another for an offspec or something. This is not a good solution. You are effectively putting a cap on the amount of builds a given character can have, meaning if you want to do more than 3 types of content, or play 3 or more specs you will have to choose something to IGNORE. Even If we assume that Blizzard will eventually balance these three Soulbinds against each other, that means that for some classes and specs you will be extremely disincentivized to play your off specs.

Lets walk through a quick example, using the Druid class to make the point that much clearer. If you choose to be a Kyrian Druid you have access to Pelagos, Kleia, and Mikanikos soulbind trees. If you are a main spec Balance druid lets say you pick Pelagos as your Balance Soulbind and slot in 3 balance potency (throughput) conduits. This now leaves you with a choice, what do you use the other two Soulbinds for? Maybe you pick Kleia for your Restoration Soulbind and slot in Restoration conduits, and then that leaves you with Mikanikos as your Guardian Soulbind. Before I move on, you don’t even unlock this Soulbind until Renown 21, and the full tree unlocks at Renown 39 meaning that the third Soulbind in particular will be at a massive disadvantage than the other two until you get enough renown (weeks into the expansion). So now you have all 3 roles attached to a Soulbind, but some have access to more traits or conduit slots than others. This is somewhat consistent with the Artifact system from legion, where your off-spec was slightly behind your main spec in power levels (artifact power).

Now comes the problem. What if you want to try out feral druid for some arena? Or maybe your raid team wants to swap you from Balance to Feral on this fight because they need an extra melee. You are now stuck. There isn’t a fourth Soulbind, and conduits are not loadout based on spec. You can either choose to swap conduits and put them on a weekly cooldown, or reuse one of your existing Soulbinds so that you can actually use a Soulbind with Feral conduits. I don’t understand how this is meaningful choice, I’m being gated by the game and essentially blocked off from playing my off-specs…all for the case of some traits that are typically just “X ability hits Y harder”.

As a Shadow Priest main my perspective is quite similar, I want to be able to off-spec heal on occasion for my guild, and also spec out for Mythic+ and Raid content. In a perfect world I could just use one Soulbind for each of these roles or specs of gameplay, but unfortunately the balancing between these Soulbinds from a DPS throughput perspective is upwards of 10-15% depending on what you swap out. This stops becoming meaningful choice and instead is now just telling the players that multi-spec main characters will be at a severe disadvantage in the game compared to someone who doesn’t do that. The game needs more tanks and healers, pushing people away from that doesn’t feel like a good solution to me.

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