Valorant, Riot opens up to new animations for melee weapons


Through some posts published on Reddit, several Valorant players have expressed their opposition to the lack of originality that usually characterizes the skins of melee weapons.

Regardless of which bundle in question, many players have pointed out that unlike the skins for the weapons, those for the knives and melee weapons are always not very detailed, extremely similar to each other, and often poor in graphic effects.

These observations immediately captured the attention of the developers, who in fact promptly commented demonstrating great attention to the needs and feedback of the community.

The answer was the developer of Riot oniram177, who explained how the detail and uniqueness of the models and works that are created affect the timing of publication of new content. However, this should not be seen as a justification (always reporting the words of oniram177), and the dev has ensured that in the future the jobs and skins of melee weapons will have more graphic details so as to make them more unique and “different” from each other.

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Once again Riot has been very attentive to listen to the opinions and the “stomach ache” within the community, ready to intervene to change the course traced to meet its own players.