How long do the “Internal Cooldowns” of Classic items last?


WoW, Classic – Player GideonAI has recently released some interesting data relating to the various internal cooldowns (or “hidden”) of some World of Warcraft Classic items.

Reporting the data originally revealed by the user of Discord fusion pitGideonAI showed and explained everything through an interesting video published on his channel, and then also included in the description of the same most of the various internal cooldowns present on the classic version of WoW.

WoW Classic Internal Cooldown

So let’s go and see the complete list with all the hidden cooldowns of which we have known the duration, such as the very long CDs of 4 and 2 minutes of Primal Blessing and Call of Eskhandar.

Internal Cooldown List – WoW Classic

  • Primal Blessing  – 4 min. ICD
  • Call of Eskhandar  – 2 min. ICD
  • Jagged Obsidian Shield  – 20s ICD
  • Dragonbreath Chili  – 10s ICD
  • Omen of Clarity  – 10s ICD
  • Thick Obsidian Breastplate  – 10s ICD
  • Enchant Chest – Lesser Absorption – 5s ICD
  • Enchant Chest – Minor Absorption – 5s ICD
  • Vestments of Transcendence  5-piece set bonus – 5s ICD
  • Lightning Shield  – 3.5s ICD
  • Shadowguard  – 3.5s ICD
  • Hand of Justice  – 2s ICD
  • Setup  – 1s ICD
  • Seal of Command  – 1s ICD
  • Force Reactive Disk  – 1s ICD
  • 5-piece  Earthfury – 1s ICD
  • Arcane Concentration  – 1s ICD
  • Magic Absorption  – 1s ICD
  • Shaman Flurry – 0.5s ICD
  • Sword Specialization – 0.2s ICD
  • Master of Elements – 0.01s ICD
  • Shadow Oil  – 10s ICD
  • 2-batch  Windfury  ICD (0.4-0.8 second “internal cooldown”)