Overwatch All Stars 2020: Diem the best Widowmaker in all of Asia


The challenges of the first day of the Overwatch League All-Stars ended yesterday, during which we saw in action the best players of the “Asian” group of the championship.

During the event, the “main” challenge was played between the two teams of stars, or the ” Triple-A ” team against the ” Universe ” team, the first led by coach Moon of the Shanghai Dragons and the second by the Guangzhou coach Charge J1N.

In the challenge of the stars, the Universes led by FletaProfit and Fearless managed to conquer the first round on Blizzard World and the second on Rialto, leaving the Triple-A of CarpeMano, and JJoNak the chance to win only the third and last (beyond which is irrelevant to the result) round of the match.

During the All-Stars the important 1 vs 1 tournament was also played by all professionals skilled in the use of the Widowmaker sniper, a challenge reserved only for “shooters” of the Overwatch League (similarly to how the famous “competition of 3 points ”during the NBA All-Stars Game ).

In this special challenge, the Koreans dominate the standings, with the famous Diem of the Shanghai Dragons who manages to win in the final against ANS (of San Francisco Shock ) 9-5.
Here are the other winners of the other challenges:

Winston Skills Challenge

  • guxue (Hangzhou Spark)

Genji Skills Challenge

  • Sp9rk1e (Paris Eternal)

Ana Skills Challenge

  • JJoNak (New York Excelsior)

Below, for those who have lost it, the replica of the challenge while for the North American event we will have to wait until next weekend when the second and last part of this unique edition of the Overwatch championship will be staged.

All-Stars Overwatch League – Asia