Several new weapons coming to COD Mobile


Activision developers have recently confirmed that next season will be particularly packed with new weapons for the Mobile version of Call of Duty.

In fact, one of the many questions posed by the community on the subject was answered by the official Acti account, which anticipated that the weapons arriving with the next season of Call of Duty Mobile (the eleventh, ed) that we will available will be of various types and belonging to multiple categories.

A nice graft of content, therefore, which could contribute to making the gaming experience even more varied than it appears now.

The post on the new weapons of COD Mobile

Among the other news concerning the future of the famous Call of Duty, there are some leaks regarding the issue of drop shotting in the Cold War. For the uninitiated, drop shotting is a famous feature present in COD, thanks to which we can shoot in the prone position with extreme precision and without suffering any recoil problem.

The developers seem to have decided to nerf this feature so as to prevent stronger players from abusing it against the “younger” and less experienced ones. But it seems that drop-shotting will not completely disappear in the Cold War, as it could become “exploitable” by inserting specific attachments into our weapon.

We are talking about the Duster Handle, an object that will be essential to make the most of the potential of the drop-shotting shot, however, having to sacrifice a slot of our loadout.