Worlds 2020: PSG Talon qualify for the main event


The fourth day of the 2020 Worlds play-ins closed the path of group B, giving the qualification to  PSG TalonPCS reps beat  Unicorns Of Love, who have to settle for second place. Behind them, Rainbow7 and  LGD Gaming qualify,  capable of surviving despite a not very effective start.

Day 4 of the 2020 Worlds play-ins

The end of group B

  • V3 Esports-LGD Gaming (0-1)
  • Rainbow7-Unicorns Of Love (1-0)
  • PSG Talon-V3 Esports  (1-0)
  • Unicorns Of Love-LGD Gaming (1-0)
  • PSG Talon-Unicorns Of Love (1-0) (first place playoff)
  • V3 Esports-LGD Gaming  (0-1) (fourth place playoff)

Group B of the play-ins has always been very balanced and chaotic, from day one there has never been a true absolute leader. In the first two days, PSG Talon and  Unicorns Of Love exchanged leadership, and the group only resolved on the last day. At the end of the fourth day, the representatives of the  PCS took home the qualification, winning a very tight play-off against  UOL.

The  Rainbow7 manage to grab an unexpected third place, it seemed practically impossible. The first two defeats seemed to have doomed the Latin American champions, who were able to regroup to recover from a bad situation.

At the bottom of the ranking, we find  LGD Gaming and  V3 Esports, which had to fight each other for survival in group B. The Japanese tried with all their might to beat the fourth Chinese seed, but the gap that c ‘is currently between the LPL and the  LJL. In addition, the toplaner Paz did not withstand the stress of the defeats, remaining the protagonist (in the negative) of the playoff. Despite everything, Peanut and his companions continue not to convince, too often the victim of moments of distraction and absolutely gross errors.

In the knock-out stage,  LGD will face Rainbow7 again, but this time on the treacherous terrain of the best of 5. The champions of the Latin American league will be able to play their cards, but we are convinced that they will be able to do very little against the Chinese in a prolonged series.