Warzone: light on the glitch of (indestructible) kamikaze vehicles


Glitch Warzone – A new very serious exploit is often appearing in the games of Call of Duty Warzone, with the community eagerly awaiting a resolutive intervention from Activision that can reset the problem.

In fact, it seems that by arming a C4 on one of our vehicles we will be able to exploit a massive explosion as soon as we crash into another enemy vehicle. The explosion, however, will not inflict the slightest damage on our character, nor on our vehicle, and will pour out all its power only on the enemy vehicle. The mechanics can be used on land vehicles, while it does not work in the same way

The glitch, according to some testimonies published on the web, has been active for some time (perhaps even for months) and the author who showed it on Reddit explained that, through this publication, he hopes that the devs’ attention for this glitch grows to the point of forcing them to intervene.

What do you think about the community? Have you already ended up in the trap of some player who wanted to abuse the C4 glitch on vehicles?
The hope is that Activision can easily find a solution, without this imposing a temporary suspension of the vehicles from the most played battle royale in the world (as has already happened in the past).