Wildcard Gaming is AWC European Champion


Over the course of the weekend, the final stages of the AWC of World of Warcraft, the continental Arena championship involving some of the best PVP players on the planet, were played.

The competition was played both in North America and in Europe, and in both regions, the new champions of the two continents were celebrated and consecrated. Starting from the American server, the final victory went to M2KC who first defeated Cloud9 (with a severe 3-1) and then also CLT Phoenix, this time with a resounding 4-1 final.

In the European server, the victory went to Wildcard Gaming, a team that defeated Coffin Dance and XSet by 3-1, and then managed again to beat the X sets in the continental final, this time with an even more severe 4-1.

Thanks to this victory, both teams take home the $ 50,000 prize pool and earn a spot in the Hall of Fame of the World Championship Arena and Azeroth’s PVP scene.

For those who have lost them, here are the reruns of the games played last Sunday on YouTube.

AWC Europe replica

AWC North America replica