5 curiosities about Widowmaker today


After seeing the 5 Tracer facts, now it’s up to Widowmaker, the Overwatch sniper!

As many will know, the woman was kidnapped by the terrorist organization Talon for brainwashing, with the aim of killing her husband Gérard. After this action, his skin turned bluish and his heart was inhibited by any sentimental warmth.

But is that really all there for this character? Let’s see if you’ve ever noticed these notes.

The real black widow

Curiosity about Widowmaker N ° 1 – Few today have the privilege of being able to take advantage of the Noire model, obtainable only during the pre-sale of the video game before its release in May 2016. But what makes this model special that it is so exclusive? The black widow! Some will likely see an obvious reference to the Marvel superheroine played by Scarlett Johansson or a hooker of rich husbands.

However, Widowmaker’s red waistline is a clear reference to the red hourglass speck of Latrodectus mactans (or vulgarly “black widow”), one of the deadliest spiders in the world. The name derives from the fact that after mating this creature kills its mate.

For those who do not own the model, however, they can settle for the quote on Widowmaker’s right arm that says ” If you see this spider in the evening, there will be trouble “. It is a parody of a famous French proverb, which says “ spider in the morning, pain, spider at noon worry, the spider in the evening, hope “. There is a real “Arachnomancy” depending on how you interact with spiders.

The Blizzardian femme fatale

Curiosity about Widowmaker N ° 2 – What is the woman as beautiful as she is condemned to suffer from internal darkness? One must be particularly careful in asking this riddle to a Blizzardian gamer because probably “ Widowmaker ” is not the only right answer. Not even when it is specified that he has changed character and skin color. Those who play World of Warcraft will immediately respond ” Sylvanas Windrunner “, the high elf corrupted by the power of the undead during the events of Warcraft III: Reigh of Chaos. She has since become the banshee queen of the Forsaken and one of the leaders of the Horde.

Of course, we can also add more details: she is a skilled sniper and brainwashed. Who is it? The Starcraft gamer will yell ” Sarah Kerrigan “. She was a Terran who was part of the ” Phantom ” program, an organization of assassins with psionic abilities who are brainwashed at each mission to strengthen their loyalty to their leaders. However, the woman was kidnapped by the Zerg and was reborn as the ” Queen of Blades “, a creature capable of leading the swarm in the name of the Overmind. In short, a real stereotype on the part of Blizzard!

The Talon 2.0 model

Curiosity about Widowmaker N ° 3 – In 2016 the comic book ” Legacy ” was released with Ana Amari as the protagonist, and it was on this occasion that the woman was mortally wounded by Talon’s new sniper, Amelié Lacroix. However, during the 2017 Archives event, the Talon model was quite different from what could be seen in the cartoons.

The answer to this stylistic change can be found in the book ” The Art of Overwatch “. The developers explained that they wanted to avoid creating a model too similar to the standard appearance of the woman, and decided to eliminate the helmet and to lighten the tunic. Otherwise the result would definitely have been a model worthy of being labeled Epic rather than Legendary.

Odette and Odile

Curiosities about Widowmaker N ° 4 – Mentioning these two legendary models immediately makes one think of the protagonists of Swan Lake, the famous ballet set to music by the Russian master Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij. In fact, the skin color of the two models suggests two different moments in Widowmaker’s life. Odile is in fact the representation of Amelié Lacroix in her marriage to Gérard during her life in Paris, in her dance shows.

The model Odette instead shows the bluish skin of the woman, a sign that she is already part of Talon. We can also see the model in the comic “ Masquerade “! By the way, have you read Tracer’s one recently?

The House of Guillards

Curiosities about Widowmaker N ° 5 – Amelié Lacroix’s maiden name is Guillard, and he is the heir to the homonymous Château which belonged to his noble ancestors, before falling out of favor with the French Revolution. This little narrative opening hints at a nice mixture of history and legend with the Countess, one of the travelers who joined the defense of the castle in Junkenstein’s revenge. This character is obviously inspired by the noble vampire Elizabeth Bathory from the short story “ Undead – The Immortals ” (1560) according to which she was strengthened by bathing in virgin blood.

We conclude this reading with an invitation to watch the short film Viva, which tells the state of mind of Widowmaker at the time of a murder. Which of these notes did you already know and which didn’t?