Apex Legends: Leak about 7 new characters and the city of Olympus


Through new and interesting leaks, we learned of some details regarding the future content coming to Apex Legends.

On Reddit, we have in fact seen a post published by the user Pitts in which you can see the game interface in the menu dedicated to legends, and from the list, it was possible to trace at least seven new agents with their role in the Battle Royale (in this case Offensive or Recon ).

Here are the names of the protagonists of the Apex Legends Leak

  • Valk – Offensive
  • Blisk – Recon
  • Ash – Offensive
  • Horizon – Offensive
  • Fuse – Offensive
  • Firebug – Recon
  • Husaria – Offensive

Some of these characters, such as Valk, have already been protagonists in past leaks on Apex Legends, and although there is still no official status, it is highly likely that they will soon see the light on the live server.

In the last few hours, we have also seen other speculations, this time concerning the new Olympus map and the probability that it will soon see the light on Apex.
For the uninitiated, from the leaks published during the year, the theory that one of the next “places” arriving in the game will be Olympus, a flying city present in the planet of Psamathe (land of origin by Lifeline and Octane.

As also shown by the image below (posted by leaker @ biast12 on Twitter), the word ” Olympus ” can be seen in what appears to be a means of transportation, a reference that some say clearly indicates that this item will be useful to reach the flying city of Olympus.

What do you think of these two novelties?
As always, we remind you that this is information that is subject to change and that is not to be considered 100% confirmed and official (as always happens in cases of Leak), and we just have to wait to find out if what is revealed here is true. or false.