Call of Duty Modern Warfare / Warzone: here are all the news of Season 6


As expected, with today’s day and with the arrival of Season 6, there has been much news announced on Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

To start, we report the fact that Activision has published new patch notes that in addition to a very long number of fixes introduce balances for the Origin 12 and for the explosive of the C4 type.

For the Origin, the devs have decided to reduce the damage of the weapon on Warzone while for the C4 they have simply inserted a delay on the detonation, a change that should make the explosives less oppressive to suffer, and which should increase the chances of the players. to somehow mitigate the damage caused by the explosion.

  • Origin 12: Reduced very close damage in Warzone
  • C4: Slight delay when performing a quick detonation. A beep will now play when quick detonation is triggered. Also reduced throw initial velocity by 30%

With Season 6, new weapons, new maps, and the highly anticipated news of the metro on Verdansk also arrive on COD. From the first leaks, some gameplay content was also identified, such as the new killstreak bonus found in a Warzone bunker a few hours ago… the “Foresight”. Using this bonus, we will be able to see the exact position of the game circle on our map, even after it starts moving.

As for the new modes, they are added to Call of Duty with Season 6:

  • Armored Royale: where each team starts with an Armored Truck complete with turret. Squad members can respawn if their truck is still running, but once the vehicle is destroyed, players’ ability to return to battle will also be reset.
  • Weapon Rotation: a mode that will characterize the contents present in the supply crates, among which we will find six common variants, 10 uncommon, 13 rare, 18 epics, and 24 legendaries.

With the new Battle Pass, the new SP-R 208 sniper rifle and the new AS-VAL assault rifle will be available, a famous Soviet submachine gun equipped with subsonic bullets (which therefore travel at a slower speed than that of sound, producing less noise) and integrated silencer.