League +, what news for the future?


The developers of League of Legends have recently announced that League +, the famous mobile app dedicated to the world of Riot, will receive several updates that will change the appearance and functionality.

In particular, it seems that the intentions of the devs are to expand the universe of League + also on Legends of Runeterra and Valiant, the other two famous Riot titles that are therefore preparing to land on the mobile app.

This great transition is expected to end in late 2021 when the app will also change its name.

Here is what was communicated by the devs on the official website.

League + – Riot post

We have a lot of interesting news about the evolution of League + and we want to share it with you! Not only will the upcoming release improve its performance, but it also sets the stage for extending support to other games, such as LoR and VALIANT.

In today’s article, we will give you information on the strategic turning point that affects us as a team and details on the new version 1.10, along with a preview of what awaits us in the coming months.

Transition to a multi-game environment

Why make this transition?

Last year, when we changed our name to League +, our strategy was to integrate it more deeply with League, perhaps offering the possibility of turning it into a secondary screen during live matches as well. We were thrilled with the direction it was taking.

But as time went by and new games launched, we realized that players of these new titles wanted to have access to the same features we were building for League. So instead of forcing you to download a separate app for each game, we thought it best to offer just one that would fit in to provide you with an experience tailored to the titles you play the most.

Will League + change its name again?

While we were happy with League + ‘s name change, it is no longer suitable for audiences that play different titles and include, for example, VALORANT players. So today we want to start letting our audience know that League + will change its name again. We will announce the new official name when the launch date is closer, but for now, let us know if you have any suggestions.

When will these changes occur?

As you can imagine, it is not easy to transform an app designed for a single title into an experience that supports different types of games and, therefore, the transition will take place in three phases:

Phase 1 – Foundation for different games and stabilization

This milestone will be reached with the arrival of the 1.10 version of League +. You can find more details about the specs below, but our main goal was to rebuild all our backend services to fit more games.

While most of these changes will be “invisible”, you should immediately notice a performance improvement in areas like chat, friends list, and game history.

Phase 2 – v2.0 New look and design suitable for more games

The next step will be to update the app’s appearance and design to fit Riot’s new aesthetic, improve its usability, and start updating core features (such as news feed and match history) to allow it to support other games. of LoL’s IP, such as LoR and TFT. Below are some preview drafts we would like to hear from you!

Step 3 – Name change

End of 2021

The last step will consist of officially changing the name, extending support for VALORANT, and making a few small additions that we will keep secret for now.

Release Notes 1.10

While most of these changes are “hidden”, any player who has frequently encountered problems with chat, match history, and news notifications should notice a performance improvement.

Experimental changes to the social user experience

While the most consistent set of user experience and design changes will arrive next year with version 2.0, we have also included some interesting changes to the friend’s list and messages in the next issue, implementing the first steps to combine these into one screen. two sections. So far, experiments in our Player Labs have shown that merging all social activities on one screen makes it easier to find friends and start conversations. For this, we have decided to move in this direction and we would like to receive your feedback about it.

Major changes

  • Major updates to the app’s primary navigation system, with friends list and messages merging into one screen for ease of use
  • A more robust search system that allows you to search both in messages and in the friend’s list
  • Support for adding friends from other games using Riot ID and tagline

Other release notes

  • New login/registration method to make it easier to enter games and the app
  • Chat between different regions and games
  • Improved friends list to include recent messages
  • Leaving club chat support.
  • Overall performance improvement of match history, messages, news notifications, and chat history

Preview of version 2.0

We will continue to share more details on this release in the coming months and would like you to be actively involved in the evolution of the app. Keep an eye out for more updates and requests for feedback so we can help shape the experience we want to create. For now, we want to leave you with a little taste of what awaits you in the future!

In addition to a complete graphic update, you will receive:

  • More games = more news  A news feed covering more games and keeping you up to date on everything related to current and future Riot titles
  • Who is doing what? The Social Hub will receive an update and will include more details about your friends’ activities and the games they are playing
  • Expand esports  New esports- related features to enhance your experience and enable you to track spectator rewards

We want to close with THANKS to all of you players who have embarked on this journey with us. Despite some unforeseen events, we are thrilled to take the road ahead with you. We hope you are too.

While our strategy has changed, our goal remains the same: to provide players with the best AFK mobile experience possible. Let us know what you think or what you hope to see in the app by contacting us using the hashtag #LEAGUEPLUS on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.