Legendary Challenges, Rewards, and Uther Horseman coming to HS


In this new special dedicated to the many news announced last night by Blizzard for Hearthstone, let’s see in detail what are the rewards and collectible content coming in the coming days.

Let’s start by talking about the  Legendary Challenges, content already available on Hearthstone starting tonight, and thanks to which we will be able to conquer up to a total of nine card packs of the game. These special missions will be playable today and on at least two other October dates, and will be distributed as follows:

  • September 29, 19:00 CET: Play 1 Two-Class Arena and get 1 Scholomance Academy Pack, 1 Outland Ashes, and 1 Year of the Dragon Pack.
  • October 6, 19:00 CET: Play 50 cards in any mode and get 1 Scholomance Academy Pack, 1 Descent of Dragons, and 1 Year of the Dragon Pack.
  • October 13, 7 pm CET: Defeat Leoroxx in Hearthstone’s Book of Heroes: Rexxar and get 1 Scholomance Academy, 1 Savior of Uldum, and 1 Year of the Dragon booster pack.
  • Together with the legendary challenges we will then have to commit ourselves to complete the secret challenge of the Out of office student, at the end of which we will be able to get our hands on a double copy of the card in GOLD format (which will guarantee us well 800 Arcane Powders if destroyed).

    To get it we will have to play the story of Rexxar and at least one game in both Battle and Arena

Then we point out the great news of Uther Horseman, a new hero who should soon arrive in the Inn together with a specific bundle loaded with new Scholomance packages.

In a press release, Blizzard explained that this new content (including Uther Horseman’s hero skin ) will be available, accompanied by 25 packets of the new expansion and a legendary one from Scholomance, at a price of 24.99 Dollars (just over 21 Euros. ).

Available from September 29 to October 13, this bundle includes 25 Scholomance Academy packs, the Horseman Uther Hero skin, and one random Scholomance Academy Legendary card $ 24.99 USD.

From 13 to 20 October the Hallow’s End 2020 card back will then be available in the shop, at a price of 2.99 Dollars (2.50 Euro) or 500 gold coins.