PlayStation 4 DualShock Wireless Controller Review


The PlayStation 5 is right around the corner, so one may think that there’s no need to buy a controller for the PlayStation 4: but then again, the PS5 is still a few months away from release yet, and if you need a controller for what you have now, you need a controller. If you need a replacement for one or need an extra for a PlayStation 4 that you currently own, this is a perfect option right here.

What is the PS4 DualShock Controller?

Of course, if you already own a PlayStation 4 controller, then there isn’t much to say that you don’t already know, since you have experience with the PlayStation controller already. It’s a controller that you have to have in order to play games on your PlayStation 4, simple as that.

If you are buying this controller prior to actually ever using one, then there are some things to consider. It is the official controller for PlayStation, so you can rest easy knowing it is the most compatible controller to use with the console. Moreover, Sony has gone to great lengths to make the controller as ergonomic and comfortable as possible, from the layout of the handles to the position and materials of the thumbsticks. The overall controller design has been only slightly altered over the course of two decades, so it’s not hard to imagine that the design itself is pretty good.

DualShock for PS4 Features

What it does have that is different from previous controllers, even older PS4 models, is the multi-touch and clickable touchpad on the center of the controller. Whether you are a new player or a very experienced one, this touch pad opens up a new dimension of gameplay and possibilities in a huge variety of games, letting you do things other controllers do not.

Other features worth mentioning include a built-in speaker and stereo headset jack, which allows the player to engage with several more audio options than some other controllers out there. This level of versatility is a bonus nearly any gamer would be happy to call their own, because more options to enjoy one’s favorite games is never frowned upon.

Finally, the PlayStation 4 DualShock controller can be charged very easily. All it requires is a USB cable, which you can plug into the PlayStation 4 itself for quick and easy charging. No need to buy loads of batteries or a fancy charging station if you don’t feel that one is necessary. This level of efficiency and convenience is a nice touch, even if it isn’t something crucial to your desires.

PS4 DualShock Price

There’s isn’t much to say about price, seeing as how this controller is priced like all new controllers are, at approximately $60. It’s not any cheaper or more expensive than it would be if you bought the product almost anywhere else. You can get this controller in a huge variety of colors and patterns, which is a nice final thing to consider when you are talking about your own personalized controller to have fun with.