Shadowlands Beta reset this week: still nothing on the pre-patch

Beta Shadowlands – It should now be a few hours (or a few days at the most) for the publication of the Shadowlands pre-patch, content that will bring forward the release of the highly anticipated new expansion by a week.

However, official news from Blizzard has not yet been released, and some players are beginning to fear that we will not have news about the pre-patch today or tomorrow, a situation that could lead to a delay in the publication of the patch compared to the hoped date of 6 (or 7) October next week.

What is certain is that the Shadowlands Beta is heading towards a new wipe (with the rest of the characters), scheduled for the end of this week (as also specified by the devs in the post that you find attached below):

Shadowlands Beta – Mounts available for MAW

Just about the beta, we get the news that the only mount currently usable in the MAW area (one of the new areas of the Shadowlands ) will be the Corridor Creeper, obtainable through a specific achievement in the Torghast challenge mode. 

For all other mounts, at the time of choice, the following sentence will appear ” Your mount ignores your call within The Maw ” effectively preventing us from using the mount.