The Crown: in the new season there will be Lady Diana


The new season of The Crown will bring a lot of very well known historical characters. In fact, in the photos of the new episodes of The Crown published by NetflixQueen Elizabeth, and Princess Diana are seen very clearly.

The new season will therefore be a great tribute to the most beloved princess of all, Lady Diana. Furthermore, the fans were very impressed with the choice of the actress who will play Princess Diana. In fact, the actress Emma Corrin has already impressed fans serious for its resemblance to Princess Diana.

The TV series The Crown is very famous for involving viewers, between intrigues and loving relationships, in the social life of the most famous English royal family in the world. Furthermore, the historical context and the settings shown within the episodes were also well represented.

In the new season, we will have in addition to Lady Diana, also other ” New Entries ” such as Margaret Thatcher played by Gillian Anderson, and Queen Elizabeth played by Olivia Colman. In the new season, we will be able to explore the events and background of the marriage between Diana and Prince Charles. 

The new episodes will be released on Netflix on November 15, 2020.