Worlds 2020: MAD Lions are eliminated


The MAD Lions  ‘ journey within the  2020 Worlds ended prematurely, due to the defeat suffered by the  Paparo Supermassive. The Turkish champions have given a sound lesson to  Shadow and his companions, who return home with a handful of flies. Finally, in today’s other game, LGD Gaming and  Rainbow7 faced each other, with the Chinese who closed the case quickly after a sharp 3-0.

LGD and Supermassive still advance in the 2020 Worlds

LGD Gaming-Rainbow7 (3-0)

The first series of the day, which began at 8 this morning, saw the clear recovery of  LGD Gaming, able to impose themselves with a clear 3-0 against  Rainbow7. It was an almost storyless series, during which the Chinese have always had the ball in their hands. All the team members have returned to their performance levels, even if there are still some small repeated individual smudges.

Tomorrow they will face the  Legacy Esports (champions of the  OPL ) in a series that seems obvious, but it is not at all. The Australians took second place in Group A, forcing the super favorite Team Liquid into the play-off. If  LGDs play as they know there will be no story, otherwise, it will be hard for them to beat these super motivated guys.

Papara Supermassive-MAD Lions (3-2)

The challenge that saw Supermassive and  MAD Lions collide, which dragged the series up to the fifth game available, was quite different. In the end, the  Lions of Madrid surrendered to the greater international experience of the Turks, able to capitalize on every little mistake made by the European boys.

For  Shadow and his teammates, this is a defeat that hurts itself, but it also gives them a great wealth of experience for the future. We remember that these guys (excluding  Humanoid ) were in their first world championship, and they had to face it starting from very difficult play-ins. The renunciation of the Vietnamese teams has mixed up the cards, creating a play-in that has reserved for us many surprises.

The matches of tomorrow

Tomorrow we will see the last two series of this play-in, before diving (from Saturday 3 October) into the main event of the  Worlds 2020. To face off there will be  Unicorns Of Love against  Paparo Supermassive and on the other hand  LGD Gaming and  Legacy Esports.

  • Unicorns Of Love-Paparo Supermassive  (about 11 am)
  • Legacy Esports – LGD Gaming (8 am)