Black Ops, Zombie mode coming November 13th


Through the new official trailer, the developers of Activision and Treyarch have shown the first interesting news regarding the Zombie mode of Call of Duty Black OPS Cold War.

In addition to a first quick glance at what the gameplay of the mode will be, we have in fact discovered the date of the final landing on Cold War also of the Zombies, set for the next thirteen of November, and several other details that concern it directly.

The devs also confirmed that Zombie mode will be Crossplay on all gaming platforms and that the guaranteed experience will certainly be different than in the past. In the new story, the Requiem team will be tasked with investigating an old Nazi WWII bunker filled with “decades-old secrets”.

In the story, we will then add another team, led by the Soviets, will be involved in the mode … the Omega Group.

The trailer – Black OPS Zombie

As also shown by the video, it seems that in the new Zombie mode it will also be possible to use very heavy or position weapons, which will allow us to mow down dozens and dozens of Zombies in a fraction of a second (and hordes, always watching the images of the trailer, it seems that there will be many and very many).