Counter Strike and the harmful fashion of Stream Sniping


Stream Sniping – The current flagship game of the well-known American software house, VALVE, is suffering serious damage from numerous incorrect attitudes, also repeated by professional athletes during international and non-international competitions.

After taking serious measures against thirty-seven people accused of abusing an unusual bug that has been tormenting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a few months now, the guys from the Esports Integrity Commission ( ESIC ) have referred to other prohibitions in arrival, most likely starting in the next few weeks.

For months now, everyone has been talking about this strange game problem that allowed (and still allows) the coaches, or any other spectator in the game played on Counter-Strike, to have greater visibility of the map and of the opponents.

Facilitating the movements of your team, even going so far as to indicate the exact places where the other team was waiting. Actions like this certainly cannot be left to chance. Four people were in fact turned away from the game consoles just for abusing this bug. One of them was the coach in charge who made Team Heroic win an International competition for the first time in their career. Quite a questionable result obtained against one of the strongest teams in the world, Team Vitality at ESL ONE in Cologne. Action that has in fact led to an even more in-depth investigation, eventually leading to the complete expulsion of the team from any official ESL tournament.

Counter-Strike and the harmful fashion of Stream Sniping

After a series of departures that involved many coaches and not, the commission of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has opened a new file. Stream Sniping is a problem that has finally come to the desk of one of the most influential people on the commission itself. Ian Smith put out very few words about it, but he reassured, promising to eradicate any form of cheating in the game.

Stream Sniping allows you to take advantage of the direct Streaming of others to favor an entire team of various advantages. Although the delay time between an actual action and its broadcasting is remarkably long, there are those who, according to Smith, have already found a way to extrapolate vital information that can guarantee a less than glorious victory.

With the advent of Online Tournaments due to the current international health emergency, hardly anyone has any qualms about deceiving others to win. From 28 September 2020, the ESIC has fortunately already sent the first letters to those in charge to counteract this ” plague ” due to live streaming.

RobbaN, a contracted coach under the well-known FaZe Clan, seems to be among those directly involved. He too was temporarily removed until the end of the official investigation. HoweverRobbaN said he was extremely surprised by this, assuring himself that he was innocent and declaring that he had not abused any hack to facilitate his work and that of his boys.