Fortnite: how to complete the challenges of Week 6


Fortnite Week 6 –  With the new week also came new challenges of the  Week 6 of  Fortnite. As we have done in previous weeks, let’s go below to see together how to be able to complete all the challenges in the shortest possible time, so as to obtain the various rewards offered from time to time by  Epic Games.

Fortnite Week 6 Challenges

  • Examine chests in Frignant Forest (7)
    For this challenge, you simply have to go to Frignante Forest and open at least 7 chests. You can also open them in multiple games
  • Eliminate opponents in Misty Moors (3)
    For this challenge, however, the place indicated is Misty Moors, where you must try to eliminate at least 3 opponents
  • Collect stone at Castello Corallo (300)
    To complete the challenge, land at Castello Corallo, north-west of the map, and immediately aim to collect as much stone as possible, up to accumulate 300.
  • Eat a Legendary Fish
    To be able to eat a Legendary Fish, you will need to have enough luck when fishing in one of the many fishing spots on the map (moving areas of water where fish can be seen). In order to increase your fishing possibilities, you will need to fish with an upgraded rod, which you can either obtain from barrels on the docks or by upgrading a basic fishing rod.
  • Eat Fruit in Holly Hedges (10)
    Go to Holly Hedges to complete this challenge. Here you will have to collect fruits and eat at least 10, most of them you will find in boxes scattered around the houses
  • Use the Zipline to move from Corso Commercio to Foschi Fumaioli
    To complete this challenge go to Corso Commercio and get close to the big electric pylon, get on it and start following the chain of zipline pylons that will take you directly to Foschi Fumaioli
  • Inflict damage with the wave of Black Panther (1000)
    To complete this last challenge, recommended for 4 players, you will need to take possession of the ability of Black Panther, obtainable from the supply crates to Stark’s Quinjets, and inflict at least 1000 damage. Another possibility is to participate in the various Marvel-themed MATs where the powers of the heroes are more commonly used