Hearthstone: can you win at Tavern 2 with elementals?


Hearthstone elementals – The new Hearthstone patch has been out for a few days, bringing a lot of content, especially in Battle. Precisely in this mode, with the arrival of the elementals, we have already seen many changes and upheavals of the meta ( such as the strength of Ragnaros ).

And it is precisely in this chaotic situation and still under development that the famous content creator HysteriA has implemented one of his usual experiments. Is it possible to win a Battle by staying in Tavern 2 and taking advantage of the power of the elementals?

The answer is yes. As you can see from the video, thanks to a formidable combination of Party Elemental and Molten Rock, the YouTuber has managed to create a very solid and dangerous army of elemental minions. As much as he was harassed by the opposing minions with poison and was lucky to attack first in the last few duels, he managed to take the victory very well home.

The video of HysteriA