Here are the champions of the 3rd season of Red Bull MEO


The final phase of the third season of the Red Bull esports tournament and tournament center dedicated to PUBG Mobile, Hearthstone, and Teamfight Tactics Mobile pro players is over: here is who will represent Italy in the world finals of their respective disciplines

The Red Bull MEO, an event that has now become synonymous with competitions dedicated to competitive gaming on mobile, ends in its national phase, crowning the Italian champions of season 3.

As for the PUBG Mobile tournament, Los Manitos had an easy game against MCES Italia, managing to almost double the number of kills compared to their opponents. Useful score to show up in Turkey and play on equal terms with the best exponents of this discipline in the world.

The Hearthstone national final featured Shura and Coravstenom, who proved to be formidable players, so much so that they reached the final playoff after a series of duels that ended in a draw at 2-2. To win the last hand was the good Shura, who beat the opponent in the last mirror match of Sacerdote and will represent Italy in the world finals.

To conquer the top in Teamfight Tactics Mobile was, however, LittleFino, who got the better of 7 opponents and won the title of Italian champion in a breathtaking final, which took place off-stream.

Once again the Red Bull MEO, organized with the support of tournament center and Acer Predator, has maintained a high level of involvement linked to mobile export events, arousing the interest of many fans including veterans and newbies of the genre. Now that we know the formidable athletes who will represent us on the international stage, we just have to prepare ourselves in the best possible way to cheer on the away national champions!