League of Legends: News for Worlds Pass and “World Clash”


Clash Mondiali – Riot has recently announced some new and very important news concerning the continuation of the League of Legends world championships, and the events that will be staged during the next few weeks within the Worlds 2020 kermesse.

First, the devs showed all the details on the rewards coming with the World Cup pass, such as the new bag with the official logos, the pins, and then of course also the “virtual” contents, that is the Dracomancer skins.

The 2020 World Cup Pass trailer

But that is not all. Because through a special press release Riot has also announced the new ” Clash Mondiali “, an event that will see 16 teams compete on the weekends of Saturday 10 October and  Sunday 11 October and Saturday 17 October and  Sunday 18 October to get Victory Points, new premium tickets, exclusive elemental banners, and the World Cup trophy.

Clash Mondiali – Official post

The best players from around the world are gathering in Shanghai, where they will compete for the crown. This is your chance to get your share of glory.

The stakes are higher than ever in the Clash Worlds 2020 event, where players will compete in 16-team preliminaries to earn Victory Points, new Premium Tickets, exclusive Elemental Banners, and the World Cup trophy.


The Clash World Cup event will be held over two consecutive weekends:

  • Weekend 1:  Saturday 10 October  and  Sunday 11 October
  • Weekend 2:  Saturday 17th October  and  Sunday 18th October

Team registrations for Weekend 1 open on  Monday 5th October. Team registrations for Weekend 2 open on  Monday 12 October.


A trophy, four Victory Banners, and two unique logos will be available in this tournament, in line with the highest number of teams in the heats and VP earnings. The theme of each exclusive banner will focus on the Worlds event and Elemental Dragons.

  • 400 VP: Level 1 Banner (Cloud)
  • 600 PV – World Cup theme logo
  • 800 VP: Level 2 Banner (Hell)
  • 1200 VP: Level 3 Banner (Mountain)
  • 1600 VP: Level 4 Banner (Ocean)
  • 2000 PV – Championship Logo


In addition to increasing entrants and prizes, tournaments will offer, for a limited time, the opportunity to earn permanent Season skins and Worlds Prize Orbs, in addition to all the normal rewards of Premium Tickets. Here is a list of what’s new in the Reward Capsules of Premium Tickets:

  • Season Skin Fragment: 8th to 15th place
  • Appearance Permanent season: 1st to 7th place
  • All tickets (basic and premium) receive a World Cup sphere: 1st place

We know that every competitor will give the best of themselves in this planetary Clash! We see them!