Leta in # 1 Legend with the Dragon Priest: a HL Dragon Pala is also good!


Dragon Priest – An extraordinary Leta managed to finish in # 1 Legend by playing an extremely performing deck of the Priest.

The Italian has in fact opted for a version of the Dragon Priest that costs less than 9K Arcane Powders, and thanks to a series of repeating victories (only 5 defeats out of 21 games played in the Top 4 Legend of the realm) he managed to place himself on the step higher than the podium, a position that he will now have to defend with his teeth (and which he will probably have to regain) for the entire next 30 days of the season.

Leta’s post

Also very positive are the performances of a Fragment Demon Hunter, and of an absolutely interesting Highlander Dragon Paladin, a deck with a titanic cost (you will need almost 27 thousand powders to be able to build it from scratch) that brought RAGINALPHAWALRS up to the Legend standard.