Shadowlands, tuning coming to the Covenants


Shadowlands congregations – continuing at a pace tight tests and experiments in the Beta of Shadowlands, with the developers of World of Warcraft that are proceeding with the final details before the release of the much content on the live server (in the next few days we should finally see the pre-patch).

For example, we have seen that all the Covenants will soon have to face a new Tuning, with all the skills that will be balanced and calibrated so as to be much more similar (in power and effectiveness) to each other. The developers pointed out that some of these were abnormally strong and it was, therefore, necessary to promote the new tuning on the Beta.

The post on Shadowlands Covenants

Regarding the Beta, we would like to point out to everyone that a new and impressive round of invitations has just begun (visit to verify that you’re “apply” has been accepted), with players who should also have no more problems playing on one of the 3 realms created by Blizzard for the testing phase (each of which is in charge of making certain contents try).

Good news instead of the Bonus War Mode which will continue to work also in Shadowlands while as regards the gameplay, the player Gingi showed on his YouTube channel an interesting video analysis regarding the fact that with the next expansion there will be a mythical meta. , probably dominated by the double tank strategy.