The October season kicks off: first info on Rexxar’s adventure


Rexxar Adventure – With the beginning of October we officially entered the new ranked Hearthstone season, renamed by Blizzard as “ The Breaker “.

As always, a few games will be enough to make ours the exclusive card back of the 79th season (which you can see below) official since the Locanda opened its doors: in fact, we will only have to win 5 games in ranked games, in the wild format or in that standard.

Among the important novelties, we also point out the fact that the cost of the Taverna pass has been reduced by 50%, and will remain so until the end of the Scholomance expansion cycle.

During the season, precisely from the week of October 13, we should then have the opportunity to venture into the new chapter of Book of Heroes, this time entirely dedicated to the Hunter Rexxar.

Regarding this new challenge, we have recently discovered some useful details that we hope will be useful for you to understand in even more detail what awaits us when we take on the challenge.

In fact, previews of the various versions of Rexxar that we will have available (four in all) along the course of the challenge have been disseminated on the web, and obviously also those relating to the hero powers on which we can rely.

Among the bosses that we should instead meet along the course of the adventure, we see instead Leoroxx, the Warchief BlackhandMishaLady Darkscale, or the fearsome (and gigantic) Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater. What do you think about the community? As it was also for Jaina’s adventure, remember that also with this one from Rexxar, 5 card packs will be available entirely dedicated to the Hunter class (in addition to absolutely original voice lines that will characterize the hero in a unique way ).