The second commissioner of the OWL resigns: the Spitfire team is also completely dismembered


Commissioner OWL – These are days of “fire” for the competitive scene of the Overwatch League, which is in the midst of a particularly eventful renewal phase with quite unpredictable results.

A few hours ago the announcement was made that the second commissioner of the league Pete Vlastelica has officially resigned from his post, leaving the role previously occupied by Nate Nanzer (who later moved to Epic Games) uncovered again, without however leaving Blizzard definitively.

Waiting to find out who will be the new Commissioner of the OWL ( Overwatch League ), Pete Vlastelica will then go on to engage in other projects within Blizzard, even if on the continuation of the professional career of the now-former number 1 of the OWL, the details.

Another “bomb” is instead the one that has recently seen the London Spitfire franchise as the protagonist, with the management of the team that seems to have finally decided to fire both its players and its staff, probably intending to rebuild a path that will sooner or later lead the European team to the much-desired victory of the world championship.

There are still no certainties on the matter, but the fate of the Spitfires now seems to be sealed. We just have to wait for new and more detailed information about this difficult and very complicated situation.