Warzone: Scump (Huntsmen) unveils its loadout for the Kar98


Warzone Kar98 – Celebrated Chicago Huntsmen pro and player Seth “ Scump ” Abner has just unveiled another set of valuable tips regarding a very unique Warzone shotgun.

The Chicago pro in fact wanted to talk about the loadout according to him best for playing the KR98 hunting rifle in a battle royal, a revolving-sliding bolt- action weapon born in the 30s as an armament of the Nazi troops.

As for the actual loadout, Scump opted for a Monolithic Suppressor silencer, so as to camouflage and make its position less visible to opponents, for a Singuard Custom 27.6 “ barrel and for a scope composed of the Variable Zoom Scope.

As a stock, Scump opted for an FTAC Sport Comb to improve the gun’s grip, handling, and accuracy, with the Perk Sleight of Hand to make reloading the weapon as quick and easy as possible.

What do you think of this particular setting? The weapon in question is certainly not one of the most used/popular in Call of Duty Warzone, but we are sure that with the loadout recommended by Scump you can undoubtedly try to push the weapon towards absolutely positive and fun performances.