Will the Overwatch meta be hitscans?


After the recent buff to Soldier 76 in experimental mode, there are several questions about a possible meta of the hitscan.

The summer of this year saw numerous substantial calibrations on the heroes, a real reversal of the pace of the game from the point of view of accuracy.

But let’s see in which direction development is moving.

No barriers, no precision

August 2020 is certainly remembered for the deep nerfs to the protective abilities of Orisa, Sigma, and Brigitte. We also had a substantial buff for Genji, which saw him dominating the competitive scene at first after a long time. But recently, the attention of the development team seems to have shifted precisely to the accuracy of the bullets and the aim of gamers.

Consider for example Moira, support often criticized on the extent of her beam who went through numerous experimental phases before fixing a change for her.

Or let’s think about the September 20 patch that saw a new calibration for all random trajectory bullets (of which the Reaper bug has already been announced that it will be promptly fixed).

Or the buff proposed on McCree in the penultimate experimental mode, which saw him able to perform the somersault in the air (a balance that did not go live). Previously Jeff Kaplan himself confirmed that the direction of Overwatch would be more geared towards an FPS like Valorant rather than as a MOBA League of Legends. Perhaps this search for accuracy is meant to prove this claim?

Soldier 76, in the next destination?

The buff proposed on Soldier 76 is particularly interesting in being able to hypothesize a new meta based on hitscan. According to the Community Manager of the official forum Molly Fender, the intent of these changes is to test the control on the weapon rather than changing the single diffusion system or the damage.

One of the most popular tips on Soldier 76 has always been to take short breaks on the primary fire to avoid dispersion of the constantly pressed trigger. The changes of this hero could pave the way to a destination based on the exchange of strokes, with deflect of Genji and defensive matrices D.VA as optimal protection. But surely we will see greater vulnerability on heroes that sail the skies or those more elusive on the battlefield.

We remind you that the experimental changes are not yet final. We will surely know the outcome in the next week, but in the meantime, what do you think? Does this old soldier need more moments of glory in the meta?