‘Abarth Virtual Racing League’: final act in Monza, the temple of speed


The moment in which everything is decided has arrived. After the 8 qualifying races of the last few months, the best 24 drivers will compete in a single evening for the victory of the ‘Abarth Virtual Racing League’, the SimRacing championship organized by the car manufacturer of the scorpion.

The 500 Abarth Assetto Corse brand, the world symbol of motoring performance, in this case digital, will whiz into the Monza temple of speed, while the streaming event will be presented by the QLASH House in Treviso, one of the largest gaming houses in Europe. . A great appointment for Italian export.

The Monza racetrack, just like in reality, leaves no room for errors. The track requires a very rigid set-up of the cars, which will make them difficult to tame. The many straights require you to focus on speed, so there will be overtaking in braking and brawls. Every curve can be the scene of decisive collisions, between all the Lesmo curves and the Ascari variant. So watch out for how the trails will be exploited, an aspect that could also be a factor in qualifying.

These are the 24 qualified drivers, that is to say they arrived in the first 3 places in the previous 8 qualifying races: E. Lopez, M. Crippa, N. Natali, M. Noris, M. De Plato, PA Previdi, A. Benedetti, M. Murè, R. Accurso, C. Cecalupo, K. Mattea, A. Siddi, M. Liguori, A. Famulari, A. Testi, L. Molle, D. Gentili, F. Cesaro, M. Corvino, J. Ronzo, D. Lopez, A. Miatto, M. Costanzo, L. Tozzato. E. Lopez and M. Liguori have already made it known that they will not be able to participate, Giuseppe Virzì and Fabio Tettamanti take their place.

The level is really very high. After the first two days of testing on the Assetto Corsa dedicated server, the first 9 drivers are enclosed in one second. The fastest were Matteo Costanzo, Numa Natali, and Karim Mattea, but it is impossible to make any predictions. As always, qualifying, Race 1 and Race 2 will decide the best.