Enrage Warrior and Tempo Mage at the top of the Legend


Tempo Mage and Enrage Warrior are the undisputed protagonists of this new update dedicated to the competitive lists seen in action in the Hearthstone ladder.

Used by MrLovaLova and Komik respectively, both decks managed to reach the number 3 and number 1 positions of the Legend, concluding the game sessions with an extraordinary wine. The positive factors of these two versions certainly do not end here, also considering the fact that a limited number of Arcane Powders will be required to build them.

The Tempo Mage, especially given the latest results obtained, also seems destined to enter the ranking dedicated to the best lists of the Standard format, which we were able to consult only yesterday (thanks to the latest update of HS Replay )

Absolutely excellent also the version of the Warlock Zoo used by Meati up to touch the Top5 of the server or that of the Control Warrior who instead pushed BZRK up to rank # 4 of the Legend.