Fortnite: will Midas return to the game map?


Fortnite Mida- been two Season last appearance of Midas, the main protagonist of ‘ Agency during Season 2 of this chapter Fortnite. The famous agent disappeared from our radar at the start of Season 3 when it seems he was eaten by a shark. But will he return now?

We had already caught a glimpse of Midas in a news about a month ago, which sees him, together with Joker and Poison Ivy, in the bundle out on November 17, in an Iron Man guise. But beyond that, there are other leaks that seem to demonstrate its future presence in the annual Fortnite Halloween event.

Yes, because according to the latest research by HYPEX and intercellularMidas could return in the form of the undead during the Fortnitemares event, accompanied, apparently, by a host of ghost henchmen. The news is obviously a leak, but it’s not long before we can confirm its veracity.

The HYPEX Tweet