Lor book: review of the volume dedicated to the Runeterra universe!


Lor Book – Today I will talk to you about something closely related to Lor and the world of League of Legends, but which will certainly be different from usual!

As many of you know, the champions, in general, the cards of our favorite game, are based on the universe of League of Legends: ” League of Legends engages every player in unlimited fun, thanks to an ever-new roster of champions, frequent updates, and a constantly growing eSports scene. This book is a fundamental point of reference for all fans of the world “

This book?

In the previous paragraph, there is a spoiler of the topic I’m about to tell you about! Recently Riot, whom I thank for the opportunity and the gift, provided me with a copy of the brand new book dedicated to Lor: “ League of Legends: Realms of Runeterra. Official guide “.

Personally, being a big fan of Demacia, I particularly appreciated the chapter dedicated to this region: the maps of the regions are described in detail and above all insights on Garen and Jarvan IV. The same structure is present for the other regions.