Method announce their return


With a new post published on Twitter, the famous organization of Method has made it known that it is on the way “back”.

As many will remember, a few months ago Method was at the center of a real scandal, caused by the absolutely unspeakable and shameful behavior of the now-former member of the guild MethodJosh. 

Last June, in fact, MethodJosh was accused by some underage girls of sexual harassment, a situation that would have worsened even more in the following days, due to the alleged “silence” on the matter perpetrated by various “officers ”Of the organization, which would also have led to the dissolution of the guild and the creation of the new ECHO guild into which many former Methods merged.

At this moment, however, we are witnessing a new chapter in the whole story: the new and renewed foundation of the most famous guild in the entire WoW landscape.

Several changes compared to the past, starting from the fact that co-CEO Sascha Steffens (one of the most involved faces in Josh‘s story ) will no longer hold the role he previously had but will be confirmed as “non-executive director ”, up to the mission of the organization and its new principles, both from the export and community point of view, all available on the new website of the ORG.

Here are the main Twitter posts used to spread the news of the reconstruction:

Post # 1

Post # 2