Shadowlands postponed to the end of the year: DDOS attack against Blizzard

With a new announcement posted on Twitter, the developers of World of Warcraft have signaled the postponement of the publication of the Shadowlands expansion, which will no longer happen by the end of this month.

The players were waiting for the release for the next 27 of October, and it seems there have been many who have decided to organize their personal and work commitments to be present since day 1; due to the recent postponement announcement, all of these programs will evidently skip.

The devs explained that they were very sorry about the affair, and that obviously they would never want to plan such a postponement. Unfortunately, however, the expansion requires at least another month of abundant testing, a fact that will move the publication of Shadowlands several weeks forward, at this point postponed practically to the end of the year.

So much the disappointment of the players of the community, with some who have even committed a cybercrime, targeting Blizzard through a heavy DDOS attack recorded last night and going to disturb the game sessions of many, and absolutely innocent, players.

The hope is obviously that there will be no further delays on the roadmap, especially now that the world of Warcraft was absolutely ready to welcome the latest product baked by Blizzard (think that the pre-patch of Shadow was expected already this week).