Valorant, the 100 Thieves round out their stellar roster


The famous company of the 100 Thieves, active in the export and international scene for many years and on various titles, has recently announced the hiring of two new important pieces for their future Valorant roster.

To keep company with the current members of the 100 Thieves HikoJoshNissan, and Nitr0 for the remaining 2020 season, and especially for the upcoming 2021, there will in fact be the two former players of the Immortals team Peter ‘ Asuna ‘ Mazuryk and Quan ‘ diceyzx ‘ Tran.

The former has recently moved to Valorant as have many of his other important colleagues, while Dicey was born as a professional shooter Riot from the first minute (one of the very few that does not “come” from other games like Overwatch and CS: Go ).

The seventeen-year-old has also been regarded on several occasions as one of the most promising stars of the Valorant scene, having already enchanted in several competitions thanks to his innate skill and talent.

The 100 Thieves post

The famous Californian team owned, among others, by the well-known Canadian rapper and producer Drake, is thus preparing to land in the Valorant competitive with a respectable roster, which will absolutely have to occupy a prominent position within the US competitive scene and worldwide.