Worlds 2020: good first for Europe


The first day of the World’s 2020 group stage was favorable to the European teams. Fnatic and  Rogue found two major wins in their respective groups, beating  TSM  and  PSG Talon. The surprise of the day is certainly the boys of the Polish team, able to dominate an opponent who could put them in difficulty. We have also seen the great performances of  Top Esports,  Damwon Gaming, and  DRX  which are confirmed among the favorites for the final victory.

The first day of the Worlds 2020

Group B

As mentioned in the introduction, the  Rogues were able to bring out a performance of an almost unattainable level. In fact, they closed their game in 25 minutes (approximately), on a kill score that saw them lead by 16 to 0. Many had good expectations towards the  Rogues, but today’s game really surprised everyone. On the other hand,  PSG Talon finds themselves with a different roster than the play-in, and perhaps they still have to find those team mechanisms that are useful to win. They continue to offer that aggressive style of play that we had seen in the LEC playoffs, and could be the real loose cannon of the grouping.

To close the practice of group B, the big match that saw the two giants Dam won Gaming and  JD Gaming confront each other right away. In the end, the Koreans got the better of  JDGs perhaps not too prepared to face such a battleship in the best of 1.

Group C

Group C opened with the daring victory of  Gen. G against  LGD Gaming. The game offered very interesting ideas to both teams, but in the end, the Koreans were able to manage the chaos and came out as winners. It was a very fun match to watch, but it highlighted alarming problems for both teams.

The big match in the west between  Fnatic and  TSM closed the first day of the  2020 Worlds, with the guys in orange able to manage and beat the champions of the LCS summer split. Rekkles and companions showed their technical and strategic skills, not going to reveal any new cards. Coach Mithy’s boys, in fact, played in their comfort territories, with those usual picks already shown in the LEC playoffs.

Group D

Ever since the group stage draw, we knew Group D would be heavily polarized by  DRX  and  Top Esports. The Asian duo has devastated their opponents, they have not even left the crumbs. Unicorns Of Love and  Flyquest will have to fight each other for the third position, at the moment their passage of the turn seems very unlikely.