Firebat hangs “mouse and keyboard” on the nail and retires


With a post published on Twitter, the famous American James ” Firebat ” Kostesich has officially announced his retirement from the competitive of the Locanda.

Firebat is undoubtedly one of the most important players in the Hearthstone scene, an extremely appreciated professional who managed to inaugurate his esports career with the victory of the world title, obtained during the first edition of the inn’s championship (in 2014).

Among the other important participations of Firebat, we remember the second place obtained at the World Cyber ​​Arena in 2015 and the victory of the CN vs NA Challenge (also in 2015), obtained when he wore the Copenhagen Flames and Team Archon shirts, for a total win. (over the course of all these years) which amounts to approximately 250 thousand euros.

Firebat’s post

Winning the world title in 2014

With this announcement, another important “piece” of the community is therefore detached from the competitive Hearthstone, even if we do not yet know how the career of this famous character will continue.

Sure Firebat will continue to use YouTube and Twitch channels, but he almost certainly won’t do it as a competitive player but only as a content creator (similar to so many other characters that populate the inn scene).

What do you think about the community? What was your favorite moment to remember from Firebat’s “ Hearthstonian ” career?