Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “broke” many hearts


The couple caused a stir in the family when they announced the Megxit in early January, without consulting the queen.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke many hearts when they announced Megxit’s plans without consulting the queen.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s sweet bond was also “broken” when Megixt’s plans were “rushed” before she was agreed with the queen, claims an explosive new book.

It is also reported that William was stunned by Harry’s decision to discard his duty and service to the crown, and furious that the Queen had been cornered.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had returned from a winter vacation on Vancouver Island and wanted to discuss the situation with other members of the royal family. The queen reportedly said that the family could be reunited in late January 2020.

But the couple had not told anyone that they intended to share a statement online on January 8, announcing their decision to resign as senior members of the Royal Family and start a new life in America.

The Duke of Sussex is said to have been quick to post his Megxit plans on his website and social media before reaching a deal with the queen. The older members of the family reportedly viewed it as grossly disrespectful.

The author of the explosive book ‘Battle of Brothers’ claimed that the relationship was ‘completely broken’ by Harry’s ‘disrespect’ and that the couple has barely spoken since.

Robert Lacey, the author of the book, said: “Some say, ‘Oh, never mind. It will come to an end”.

“But that’s not what historians will say ten years from now.”

“If this gap between the brothers is not cured in some way, it will become one of the traumas that changed the monarchy with the crisis of the abdication of 1936 and the death of Diana in 1997.”

Lacey believes that the breakup could cause immense damage to the monarchy.

Other claims in the book include: Prince William refused to have lunch with the Queen and Prince Harry, and the Queen deliberately left the image of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex off the table during her Christmas speech.