Worlds 2020: first defeats for Rogue and Fnatic


On the second day of the  2020 Worlds, the first difficulties for the European teams emerged. Rogue and  Fnatic have lost their games, only the  G2 bring home a useful result. In group A, Team Liquid disappointed that they fail to overwhelm the  Machi Esports (authors of a beautiful performance), while  Gen.  G prey on the lone head of group C.

The second day of the Worlds 2020

Group A

Machi Esports and  Team Liquid have thought to open the day. Many had high expectations of the  Liquids, but they had to change their mind immediately after the game started. The third class of the  LCS immediately lost control of the game, in favor of a team that was not irresistible but very convinced and prepared. The Machi jungle dominated every moment of the game, effectively nullifying Broxah’s presence with  Graves.

Soon after we saw the debut of  G2 Esports, reigning European champions, who faced the very strong  Suning. The match was a continuous rollercoaster, characterized by constant exchanges and widespread chaos throughout the course of the match. In the end  Caps and his companions managed to find a square of the circle, also thanks to a super performance by  Mikyx with  Bard, who kept the team on their feet even in the most difficult moments.

Group B

In group B comes the first defeat for the surprising  Rogues who, even in the defeat, managed to keep up with the Korean battleship of  Damwon GamingInspired and his teammates handled their opponents’ attacks very well but failed to keep up with the macro-game proposed by the LCK champions. It is not a painful defeat, but it certainly makes us understand that the  Rogues can play it with anyone, also aiming for a possible qualification.

PSG Talon’s second game is also disastrous, as it still suffers from the roster change compared to the play-in. Against JD Gaming there has never been history, it seemed to see the replay of the match played yesterday against the  Rogues. On the other hand, the Chinese have found a minimum of conviction and condition, managing to reset after the hard stomp suffered by the  Damwons.

Group C

The  Gen.Gs  begin to stretch their hands in the first place in the classification of group C. In fact the victory obtained against the  TSM gives them a very important point, even if their performance was not so convincing. For about 20 minutes, the Koreans did nothing, remaining passive and offering their side to the initiatives of the American champions. Despite this,  Doublelift and his companions never really had the advantage and lost the game at the first useful opportunity.

The first defeat also arrives for  Fnatic, forced to capitulate more for the mistakes they made than for the merits of  LGD Gaming. The European team had found a good advantage in the early stages of the game but completely lost in the management of the fights. The team was completely unglued during skirmishes, with  Bwipo and  Nemesis too often isolated from the rest of the teammates. There are still many games to play, but  Fnatic has a lot to work on.